Corsets – Lazy girl’s guide to look slimmer

download (3)In this age of social media, people have gained far more insight into the lives of celebrities and all that they believe to be their “holy grail”. Beauty ideals have changed over time and we have seen a drastic curve on the fashion spectrum. However, one thing has remained constant: the need to enhance one’s natural physique and/or appearance.

Women of all ethnicity aspire to be like the models they see on TV, donning Disney-like figures and radiating the infectious Barbie doll charm. Pin-up girls and burlesques of bygone eras have deepened our obsession with having the same hourglass figures. Thanks to the internet and daily photos as well as videos on Snapchat and Instagram, we have become much familiarized with celebrities’ daily routines on waist slimming.

Corsets have been all the rage for thousands of years and influential women have donned it throughout their careers, increasing the sales of the best waist trainer in the market and still continuing to do so, half a century later! What is it about these corsets that are driving girls insane? Well, that is no secret: corsets are a lazy girl’s guide to looking slimmer and toned in no time!

As opposed to earlier times, when women only had the un-breathable steel boned corsets to enhance their figures, today they are accessible in a variety of different materials, in terms of fabrics and construction methods. So let’s look at 3 most trending leather corsets with all their pros and cons to better educate oneself before investing in the right one!

How to Fasten Corsets

download (2)Corsets are designed to shape your body and pretty much do the same job as braces for teeth – except corsets can be taken off after a few hours! Corsets can be tightened around the laces present at the back, depending on your body weight around the midsection.

Corsets tend to tighten around the muffin tops and accentuate the shape of your derriere and bustline and come fitted with a front busk. What is a front busk, you ask? It is a piece of hardware that consists of two steel stays one with metal “pins” and the other with metal “loops”.

Different Styles of Corsets

types_of_corsets_and_how_to_wear_themSartorial advancements have led to the creation of a variety of corsets and therefore, more choice for women of all ages. Some common styles of corsets include both historic and modern – a choice you can make depending on your body type and aesthetics.

Nowadays, a lot of men are also seeking for the perfect waist trainer so if you want to have a look at men’s waist trainersclick here for more details.

An important ingredient to corset styling is to know and understand about ‘silhouette shape’ created primarily through the rib cage. When women go corset shopping, they often find themselves confused between different silhouettes; therefore it is very important to know this beforehand so you can then pick out the specific corsetieres who cater to that style.

Corsets come in either form: “over bust” or an “under bust”. If you wish to wear one over your clothes, it’s called the former and if you decide to wear it underneath your clothes, it becomes the latter; so it all depends on the style you wish to channelize. Corsets are featured in a various styles: less and more extreme curves for all body types – all depending on which style you most prefer!


3 Important Attributes of Womens Golf Shoes

Golf is an outdoor game enjoyed by people of all ages.Whether you play it for fun or as a passion, every player needs proper golf gear and accessories to take the gaming experience to the next level. Many women are passionate about playing golf, and that is the reason there are exclusive golf tournaments for women. May it be the beginner or regular player having right accessories and golf gear are essentials to give best into the game.

Golf shoes help the player in playing the game efficiently by providing comfort to the feet both when walking and playing. Womens golf shoes are not only comfortable but also stylish in looks.These shoes help you to improve your game by keeping you balanced and prevent slipping when swinging the club for a shot.Golf shoes are exclusively designed to give you traction when playing the game on various types of surfaces.

Today there are many types of womens golf shoes available on the market that are both stylish and functional, unlike traditional shoes that were only used to make your feet comfortable.The new variety of shoes for golf are available in various colors and designs, unlike yesteryear where the only choice was saddle shoe.There are both golf shoes and sandals available for women that will not only keep your feet comfortable on the course but also keep them cool when playing in extreme weather conditions.
But how do you find a perfect pair of womens golf shoes is the most common question we get to hear because most women want their shoes to be both stylish and comfortable. There are some important attributes that you need to consider when buying golf shoes.


If you are wondering whether you need to spend a fortune to buy one of the stylish pairs in the market then maybe no.There are womens golf shoes on the market the can be outrageously expensive, but there is also the variety of footwear that is moderately priced. But if you are the regular player and participate in golf tournaments regularly then it is wise to spend in the expensive ones that will last long.



If you are looking for golf shoes that are attractive in looks and have durable make then certain brands design beautiful and comfortable golf shoes and sandals for women. These shoes are the important part of your attire and hence are built in sizes and designs to suit your sense of style.All the big, athletic equipment manufacturers have golf shoes in their brand name.


images (4)

Good womens golf shoes offer extreme comfort and will have the top part of the shoe made of the leather. Leather material is reputed for breathability and stretching which will adjust to the shape of the foot when it is stretched.The sole of the shoe is made of rubber and offers traction and stability in both moist and dry conditions. The golf shoes can be closed either by tying the lace or elastic band or Velcro.

You can decide to buy golf shoe for women based on the above attributes. Remember to buy only that size of the shoe that tightly holds your feet but leaves ample room for toe movement. A golf shoe with leather uppers are waterproof and durable and can be used for playing on all kind of surfaces.

Benefits of a household food processor

Cooking food is a tedious job which needs a lot of efforts right from preparation to serving. Preparation before cooking includes chopping, shredding, cutting vegetables, etc. which is a time taking process. A food processor can ease your cooking job as it takes care of preparation job right from cutting and chopping to mixing and grinding. The appliance does all the hard labor in the kitchen which includes; dicing, chopping, mincing, kneading, grinding and juicing.

The food processors were initially used by the chefs in France, and they later started showing up in household kitchens. Since then these multi-functional machines have occupied a special place in home cooking. If you do not have one in your kitchen, then it is high time to purchase one. You need to buy a high-end processor for your kitchen for daily cooking help; a medium capacity bowl will do the needful for your cooking requirements. There are several benefits of purchasing a food processor; we have discussed few of them here that will surely convince you of buying one at the earliest.

Saves you time:


Cutting, chopping, dicing and shredding of vegetables on a chopping board in the desired thickness will consume a lot of time and efforts. The Best food processor cuts down chopping time to almost one-tenth which saves you lot of time and energy. All you should do is put big chunks of vegetables into the bowl and fit the right blade to get them chopped or cut into your preferred size.

Instantly prepares dips and salsas:


The multi-functional appliance is good at making dips and salsas for chips and other snacks almost immediately. Making these dishes manually will take minutes of chopping and grinding, and a food processing machine can do in just a few minutes which frees you from worry when guests arrive without notice. It prepares quick, delicious and homemade dips and salsas that tickle your taste buds.



Kneading is a time-consuming process which needs you to put in a lot of efforts if you need a soft dough. A food processor can easily knead pizza and bread dough in just a few minutes which makes soft and delicious pizzas and bread that will be relished by your children. With these wonder machines, you can make pizza and bread dough at home which is free of preservatives and MSG.

Encourage healthy living:

healthy living

Food processors not only saves you time and efforts but also promote healthy lifestyles as everything can be prepared at home in less time. Freshly prepared food not only smells and tastes good but also promotes good health as it is free from preservatives and other chemical additions. Many individuals buy ready to cook food items at stores as they cannot take time for cooking from their busy schedules. Food processors are designed to ease the cooking job for you in the kitchen.

Cooking three-course meals and serving your guests can be made easy by getting home a food processor that does a professional chef job at the economical price.